About TCIT

TCIT is a professional development, train-the trainer-model, designed to strengthen teacher-child relationship skills.

TCIT for Educators

Enhance teachers’ skills for relating to children

School Administrators/ Directors

TCIT-U is a research-based approach to professional staff development.

TCIT for Mental Health Providers

Coach teachers in building positive relationships and classroom management skills.


Teacher-Child Interaction Training – Universal

TCIT–U is a professional development, train-the-trainer model, designed to strengthen teacher-child relationship skills and increase teachers’ confidence in their ability to manage challenging behavior in their classrooms.


  • Improves children’s ability to benefit from academic instruction in preschool through second grades
  • Strengthens teachers’ positive relationship skills and classroom management techniques
  • Focuses on improving the development of all children in the classroom, including those with special needs and those not yet identified as in need of intervention
  • Built upon a strong research base showing the effectiveness of the intervention


Designed for classroom Educators and Mental Health Providers

For Teachers:  Empowerment
For Children:  Self-regulation of behavior
For District:  Cost-effectiveness


“—TCIT has become a vital part of the district’s culture”

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