Our Training Approach

TCIT-U’s Train-the-Trainer approach is designed to equip education and mental health professionals with the expertise to implement TCIT-U independently in schools and childcare settings. Key features of our training model are:

  • High quality
  • Evidence based
  • Practical
  • Sustainable
  • Impactful

“The trainers coming on-site to observe, support, and coach in the field was invaluable”


TCIT-U training is based on our research, which has found that local education and mental health professionals can successfully implement intervention after completing training. Our goal is to build an effective, well prepared, TCIT-U Site Training team through a sequence of training and consultation activities over a one-year period:

  • Initial workshop
  • Onsite visits during delivery of TCIT-U with one group of teachers
  • Telephone consultation during delivery of TCIT-U with a second group of teachers
  • Review and discussion of teacher and child progress, and problem-solving, in consultation calls
  • Completion of competency checks showing understanding and skills at delivering TCIT-U with fidelity


TCIT-U’s Train-the-Trainer Approach



Advanced Training

TCIT-U has initiated an Advanced Training sequence for individuals with experience and expertise in the delivery of TCIT-U with a minimum of two cohorts of teachers. Advanced Training prepares these individuals to train new TCIT-U coaches in their own school district or area. Advanced Training includes:

  • A 3-day summit with TCIT-U Advanced Trainees at other school sites
  • On-site consultation during initial delivery of coach training
  • Follow-up consultation through completion of TCIT-U by coaches with two cohorts of teachers

“Most applicable and useful training I have been to.”
“Love the accountability of this training. Thank you!” 

“Thank you for your guidance and thoughtful training!”


“Thank you for being supportive and patient with us!”


“Thank you! I can’t wait to get started!”

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