School Administrators/Directors

  • Is your school district concerned about the number of children who are failing to meet academic demands in kindergarten or first grade?
  • Do you find, in spite of improved curriculum, that the rising demands for academic rigor are associated with an increase in disruptive behavior in the classroom?
  • Are you concerned about the overuse of school suspensions, expulsions, or restrictive procedures in your school as consequences for disruptive or aggressive behavior?
  • Do teachers list concerns with behavior management as among their highest needs for further training and support?
  • Are some of your teachers leaving the profession or expressing discouragement about their jobs based on the challenges of dealing with student behavior?
  • Do your existing professional development programs provide uplifting ideas but result in few if any meaningful changes in teacher practices?
  • Are you interested in a research-based approach to professional development that provides coaching, practice and feedback to teachers to address the challenges of changing classroom practice?
  • Is it time to introduce an effective and viable model that can become an integral part of your Social Emotional Learning (SEL) framework?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, consider TCIT-U, a professional development program that strengthens teachers’ positive relationship and classroom management skills through a sustainable “train-the-trainer” approach.


Successful Professional Development for Teachers


  • Children’s academic school success requires Social Emotional Skills (SEL) such as social interactions, sustained attention, and self-control
  • Training teachers in positive relationship and behavior management skills fosters children’s social and emotional health


  • One-day teacher workshops, by far the most common type of professional development, are not effective
  • Training that includes a coaching component and ongoing support changes teachers’ practices
  • By training regular school staff as TCIT-U coaches, schools build an effective, sustainable program


What is Teacher-Child Interaction Training-Universal (TCIT-U)?

  • A modification of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), an evidence-based treatment for children ages 2-7 with disruptive behavior problems, adapted to the unique dynamics of the classroom
  • TCIT-U works to improve children’s ability to benefit from academic instruction and improve teacher-child relationships in preschool, kindergarten, and primary grade settings
  • The “U” in TCIT-U is for Universal — it focuses on skills for use with all children in the classroom including those with special needs and those not yet identified as in need of intervention
  • TCIT-U provides children with the skills to support executive functioning, and it emphasizes teaching versus punishment

Key Findings from TCIT-U Research



“Since the implementation of TCIT-U, we have increased our staff retention and staff seem happier overall”


“I am so excited to support teachers and see the difference TCIT will make!”


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